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Norman Stillman

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Founding Director

Norman Stillman
Schusterman/Josey Chair in Judaic History Emeritus

Dr. Stillman is an internationally recognized authority on the history and culture of the Islamic world and Sephardi and Oriental Jewry. Prof. Stillman received his Ph.D. in Oriental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is the author of seven books and has published numerous articles in several languages. He is currently writing a book on the Jews of North Africa for University of California Press and is the executive editor of Brill’s 5-volume Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World and was for ten years the editor of the AJS Review, the journal of the Association for Jewish Studies. He retired from the University of Oklahoma in 2015, and now serves as Chairman for the Academic Council of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa (ASMEA).
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