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Advisory Board

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Latinx Studies Advisory Board

Dr. Millie C. Audas: Director Emeritus, Education Abroad and International Student Services.

Mathew S. Cancio:  Assistant Director, Student Life.

Elizabeth B. Chinchilla: OU undergraduate student.

Dr. Robert Con Davis-Undiano:  Ph.D. in American Literature and Cultural Studies, professor in English Dept. executive director of the World Literature Today organization, and director of the OU Latinx Studies Program.; office: 405/325-4531.

Dr. Daniela Garofalo: Chair and Professor, Dept. of English.

Dr. Dylan T. Herrick: Chair and Professor, Dept. of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.

Dr. Rhonda C. Kyncl: Associate Dean for Students, College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Nancy A. La Greca: Associate Dean, Graduate College, Professor of Spanish.

Paola A. López: Director, Student Development and Community, College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Sara A. Mata: Oklahoma Biological Survey, NSF National Research Traineeship Program Coordinator.

Dr. Gabriela R. Ríos: Ph.D. English, assistant professor of indigenous rhetorics (Indigenous knowledge, culture, and communication). Emphasis on Latin America & Chicana/o/x studies. 

Dr. Carol Silva:  Ph.D. in Political Science, professor in Political Science Dept. and Director of the Center for Risk and Crisis Management. 

Dr. Victoria M. Sturtevant: Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Arts and Sciences, Prof. of Film and Media Studies.

Dr. Mirelsie Velazquez: Ph.D. Assist. Professor, Rainbolt College of Education (historian of education in relation to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality).