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Major and Minor

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Latinx Studies Major (33 hours)

Take courses under Core Course, In-Depth Courses, Community Project, and Additional Requirements. [details of requirements]

  1. Core Courses: 15 hours
    Students will take courses in:
    The history of Hispanic America (History 2613 and 2623)
    Literary or historical analysis (English 2273 or History 2573)
    American literature (English 2883)
    Immigration politics (Poli Sci 3073)
  2. In-Depth Courses: 12 hours
    Students will take four in-depth courses ranging over literature and culture, race and gender, and politics and society (see director for specific courses)
  3. Community Project, Research Project, Study Abroad, or Additional In Depth Course: 3 hrs 
    Students can choose any of these four requirements (see the director for course options):
    (1) a community project for credit (to be approved by the program director)
    (2) a research project for credit (to be approved by the program director)
    (3) a study abroad experience in a Spanish-speaking country,
    (4) an additional upper-division course from In Depth-Courses
  4. Additional Requirements:
    Capstone Course: CAS 4703 Planned Program Capstone (3 hrs).
    Language Requirement: College of Arts and Sciences language requirement must be met with Spanish.
    Total number of Additional Requirements hours: 3 hours.

Grand total of hours for the major:  33

Major Checksheet (pdf)

Latinx Studies Minor (18 hours)

Take courses indicated under Core Courses and In Depth Courses

  1. Core Courses: 9 hours
    Take three courses in Hispanic America and literary or historical analysis (History 2613 and 2623, English 2273 or History 2573)
  2. In Depth Courses: 9 hours
    Take three courses in the areas of:
    (1) literature and culture
    (2) race and gender
    (3) politics and society
    See director for course options
  3. Language Requirement:
    OU language requirement must be met with Spanish

Grand total of hours for the Latinx Studies Minor:  18