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Reaves Award

Samuel Watson Reaves Award

The Reaves Award is annually given to an outstanding senior math major.

The scholarship award honors the late Dr. Samuel Watson Reaves, who came to the University of Oklahoma in 1905 as head of the Mathematics Department, and served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1923 to 1940.

Noah Bridges

Noah Bridges

"I am Noah Bridges, a double major graduating this spring in Systems Engineering and Mathematics.

"Math is my chosen language for viewing and understanding the world. Through my time at OU, I’ve seen how disparate mathematical fields (e.g., topology, linear algebra, and statistics) provide elegant and novel paradigms for exploring data and revealing unexpected relationships. I’ve presented my research on corporate network analytics at the Oklahoma Capitol, been published in THURJ, and reported on the outbreak of COVID-19 for the US State Department.

"Outside of school, I’m a coffee aficionado, a baker of bread, and a voracious reader of anything related to math, cognition, or economics – anything that deepens my understanding of the world."

Sarah Bonitatibus

Cora DeFrancesco

Cora DeFrancesco is a Senior Math and Astrophysics major.

Cora currently performs research on quasars through the Physics and Astronomy department. She is the President of Women in Physics and Treasurer of OU’s women’s ultimate frisbee team.

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Nathan Leiphart

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Chloe Woodstock

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