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Tips & Procedures

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Procedures When Students Come to the Math Center:

  • Upon entering make sure to log in on the computer at the front desk.
  • Follow the signs to the area where the consultants for your course are available but if you are unsure of where to go please ask a consultant.
  • If you have a hard time identifying the consultants, they are the ones wearing a name tag.
  • Raise your hand when you are ready for assistance.
  • Upon leaving the Math Center, please remember to log out of the computer at the front desk.

Tips to Help Make Your Visit to the Math Center Successful:

  • Get acquainted with the consultants.  Find one or more consultants that you work well with.
  • Consult the schedule on-line or posted in the math center to find out when a particular staff member will be working.
  • Talk and work with other students in the Math Center that have similar questions.
  • Be consistent throughout the semester visiting the Math Center.
  • Don't wait until exam weeks to come in to the Math Center. There will be
    more opportunities for individual attention in the non-exam weeks.
  • Check the Math Center schedule for special review sessions that may be
    available for your course.

Tips For Using the Math Center Online:

  • You must use the Zoom App. Log in early. A front desk person will help navigate you to the appropriate tutor. Be prepared to tell them what course you are in.
  • Find a good quiet place to work with minimal distractions in the background.
  • Make sure that you have tried the problem ahead of time. Taking a picture of what you have tried and showing it to the tutors helps them know how to best help you.
  • Have questions ready.
  • Be proactive asking questions.
  • The tutoring session is about building on your understanding and is not a place to get answers.
  • Do not expect the tutors to develop a lecture over the material. They are here to clarify misunderstanding on course material and to answer questions.