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About Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (MLLL) plays a key role in bringing the world to OU and OU to the world. Thus, MLLL is dedicated to upholding OU’s mission of excellence through research and teaching in the humanities.

The MLLL faculty teaches fundamental linguistic skills and provides the intellectual training to contextualize cross-cultural experiences. We also emphasize the significance of literary and cultural traditions, as developed through history, for human self-understanding. At the graduate level, master’s and doctoral students combine advanced courses in literature, culture, theory, and methodology with supervised pre-professional training. Consequently, our programs are designed to prepare the next generation of researchers, teachers, and professionals, whose expertise builds upon modern languages, literatures, and cultures.

MLLL is home to scholars in literature, cultural studies, film, second language acquisition, and linguistics. Our faculty produces and disseminates knowledge in the humanities and advances critical humanistic research in international fields through the publication of numerous books and articles, active engagement in national and international professional organizations, and participation in conferences across the continents. The faculty commitment to research is intimately connected with our teaching, and subsequently, we incorporate the latest innovations in our courses. Hence, MLLL is resolutely committed to OU’s mission to lead in research.

Through our engagement with critical inquiry, teaching, and service to the community, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics strives to fulfill OU’s primary missions to achieve excellence and to value world cultures.

Respectfully submitted by the Ad Hoc Committee on the State of US Language Departments
(Julia Abramson, Hester Baer, Jason Houston, Michel Lantelme, A. Robert Lauer [chairing]).