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Classrooms and Technology


Canvas Support Helpline: 1-844-629-6842 and Live help chat 
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IT Information and Support 


Classroom Technology

For immediate assistance: 325-HELP (325-4357), Option 5 OR Submit a help ticket

  • Click "support" then "contact us." State on request, "I am teaching right now," if immediate help is needed 

Laptops, ipads, and adaptors are available to checkout in the Language Learning Center (KH 228) to assist with classroom technology compatibility. 



Classroom Facilities

Furniture (tables, desks, chairs, etc.)

  • Classroom Management does not ADD any extra furniture. All classrooms should have the appropriate number for their CAP at all times. 
  • Do not move furniture from other rooms. 
  • Instructors are allowed to rearrange the class furniture to suit their pedagogical styles, but the furniture must be moved back to orgininal locations at the end of the class period.
  • If the furniture is missing, contact the Departmental Classroom Management Representative or Facilites 
  • Broken furniture can be reported to Departmental CM or Facilities 

Facilities Issues (lights, heat/air conditioning, damages, etc.)

  • Instructors can submit a ticket through Facilities on their own, but it is always helpful to send a note to the Departmental CM as well, so that they are kept in the loop. You may also reach out to the Departmental CM about any facilities issue. 

    For emergencies, please contact Facilities and your Departmental CM ASAP.

Locked Classroom in Kaufman Hall: Contact Departmental CM
Locked Classroom elsewhere on campus: Call Custodial Service at 325-4069. If no answer, call Departmental CM. If unavailable, contact Modern Languages Front Office at (405)-325-6181

Classroom Relocation: If at any point a classroom is not adequate for your teaching needs, you must contact Departmental Classroom Management as well as the coordinator/Section Head for your section. Relocations cannot be made without this approval. Please note that relocations are determined on priority and first-come-first-served basis.  A relocation is not guaranteed. 
Do not contact Central Classroom Management Directly!

Classroom Swaps: Classroom swaps are the easiest accomodation. In order to make a swap, both instructors must receive approval from the coordinator/Section Head and can submit this request to the Departmental CM. 

Capacity Increase: If you request a cpactiy increase for a class, this must be approved by the coordinator/Section Head and assistant chair. Courses which are anticipated to grow in size should be scheduled initially in a room which can accomodate a larger number of students. If the cap increase exceeds the size of the room, the class will have to be relocated. 


Disability Accommodation

MLLL is aimed towards an inclusive and accessible workplace.

For accomodation on the basis of disability, instructors are encouraged to speak to their Human Resrouces Representative and/or the Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource center is the primary hub for disability accomodation for students, whereas Human Resources handles faculty and staff requests. 

Specific needs will be communicated to the necessary parties only to ensure that those needs are met. 

Departmental Classroom Management

Eli Rhoades | 325-1352 | KH 203-B 
Manager, Language Learning Center 

Nian Liu | 325-8622 | KH 103A
MLLL Assistant Chair