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Assistantships and Fellowships

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Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

GTAs are competitive and awarded based on available funds in the budget. Reappointment is contingent on good standing as a graduate student and satisfactory teaching evaluations. GTAs in our department generally teach one 5-hour course or two 3-hour courses each semester (9-month appointment, fall and spring) and earn a stipend. GTAs also receive a tuition waiver up to the total hours required to complete the degree and are eligible for insurance benefits. Click here to read information about insurance benefits.

All Teaching Assistants must attend the mandatory Teaching Assistant Orientation in August before they may begin teaching at the University of Oklahoma.

Apply to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant (pdf)

If you are not a U.S citizen, you are required to have a valid visa to work in the United States.

McNair Fellowship

You must have successfully completed an undergraduate McNair program to be eligible for this fellowship.

The Ronald E. McNair program pairs academically promising undergraduate students with graduate faculty mentors. Working with this mentor, the student develops and conducts an original research project, and then publicly presents the research results. The McNair program prepares undergraduates for the high-level of academic excellence we expect in our graduate students. Thus, the purpose of this fellowship is to encourage undergraduate McNair students who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree to attend graduate school at the University of Oklahoma.

McNair Graduate Fellowships are awarded to incoming graduate students, and are multi-year awards based on the students' degree program (Master's or Doctoral). The number of fellowships awarded in any given year will depend on the funds available for expenditure during that fiscal year and the number of qualified applicants. Continuation of the award is contingent upon the student making satisfactory progress towards the degree and the academic unit's on-going commitment to provide a Qualified Graduate Assistantship.

Each fellowship recipient will recieve:

  • Either a $5,000 stipend supplement for 4 years (doctoral students) or a $2,500 stipend supplement for 2 years (master's students)
  • A full-tuition waiver during the time of the fellowship. However, the total amount of tuition waived will not exceed the total number of hours required to complete the degree.
  • A subsidy for the basic student health insurance plan

To qaulify for the fellowship an applicant must:

  • Have successfully completed an undergraduate McNair program
  • Hold a Qualified Graduate Assistantship in an academic unit on the Norman-campus
  • Have at least a 3.50 admission grade point average

Qualified and interested students should apply early and have all their materials submitted to our department by early January. The department must submit McNair nominations to the Graduate College by February 1.

Alumni Fellowship

The Alumni Fellowships are limited and highly competitive. They are awarded when funds are available to students who demonstrate strong aptitude for graduate research on the doctoral level. The department seeks nationally competitive candidates interested in entering the French or Spanish PhD program at the University of Oklahoma. The department will consider all applicants to the French and Spanish graduate programs for the fellowship.

The fellowship is a full five-year award and consists of the following:

  • a teaching-assistantship worth a minimum of $11,462 annually
  • an annual stipend supplement of $5000
  • a fully funded semester release-time from teaching
  • a full tuition waiver up to the number of hours required to complete the degree
  • health insurance

Decisions are made early during the spring semester of each year so students are encouraged to complete their applications as early as possible.

Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship Program

The purpose of the AHFF program is to support dynamic and innovative research and creative activity projects proposed by regular faculty in the arts, fine arts, and humanities by providing them the opportunity to focus on a scholarly and / or creative activity that significantly transforms the faculty member’s research program and makes notable contributions to the field.

Funding Oppurtunities

Vice President for Research Funding

Faculty Investment Program, provides funding on a competitive basis to develop and expand the scholarly (i.e., research and creative) activities of Norman campus faculty, including faculty associated with Norman Campus Programs at OU-Tulsa

Provost Start-up Funds Procedures (pdf)

Student Scholarships

Information on undergraduate student scholarships can be found here.

Travel Funding

As for additional funding for research, conferences, and travel, there are three sources to which graduate students can apply:

  1. MLLL provides up to $500 per fiscal year for grad student travel.
  2. The College of Arts and Sciences also has a funding program.
  3. The Graduate College provides funds as well.

Please contact the University of Oklahoma Financial Aid Services website for other possible sources of funding