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Language Placement

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Language Placement

The University of Oklahoma offers several options for students wishing to pursue language study or to demonstrate knowledge in a particular language. Please see the following guide for information about which option is best for you.

At this time, the Language Learning center is offering some placement tests online. We have suspended in-person testing due to the COVID-19 campus closure but are currently offering placement tests online. 
Please contact for more information. 

The FLRA exams have also been affected by this closure. Some exams may be eligble to arrange via a virtual meeting.
Please contact for more information. 

Tip: to view the flowchart below in a more readable format, right click and open image in new tab. Or view it on the LLC site.

Placement Flowchart: Flowchart information in text below

**The results of the Placement Exam and FLRA may satisfy some or all of the language requirement for your degree path but do NOT provide academic credit. They are simply tools for assessing proficiency level. 


Native Speaker Policy (Link)

 Students who have previously studied a language are required to take a placement test.  This test establishes the student’s reading and writing competency level in the language.  It also ensures that the student is placed in the most appropriate course for their skill level.

The results of the placement test may satisfy some or all of the language requirement for your degree however, it does not provide academic credit.  Please speak with your advisor to make the final decision about which course is right for you.


To take a placement test in languages offered by the University, visit the Language Learning Center in Kaufman Hall.  There is no fee for the language placement test.

For more details, contact the Language Learning Center(link) or the Advisor (link) for the
relevant language.


Who should take placement test? 
All students who have studied the desired language for at least 2 years
within the last 5 years.
How do I take a placement test? 
A. For students pursuing French, German, Spanish, or Russian, a placement test may be taken in the Language Learning Center without scheduling an appointment. For a full list of hours, see here (link). This
test is online and should only take 30-40 minutes.

B. For Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, or Portuguese, contact the
advisor for the relevant language

The Statement of Background Waiver is intended for students who wish to pursue a language that they have not studied. It is an exemption from the placement test.

Who should fill out the SBW? 
Students who have:
never studied the language
studied the language for less than 2 years
studied the language, but at a time of more than 5 years ago.

To fill out the Statement of Background Waiver, click here(link)

The language assessment (FLRA) waives the general language requirement for students who are already competent in oral, reading, and written skills in another language at or above the intermediate level. 

It does NOT provide academic credit.

For students who wish to waive the language requirement, please visit the Language Learning Center in Kaufman Hall and obtain the FLRA form and obtain the contact information of an approved examiner through the Modern Languages Department.

PLEASE NOTE:  For languages NOT offered in the Modern Languages Department, there is NO guarantee of an approved examiner to administer the exam.

Please take a moment to review the University of Oklahoma’s Native Speaker Policy. (Link)

Who should pursue an FLRA interview/form?
Students who are competent speakers of a foreign language whose level is likely
to be higher than the intermediate level in speaking, reading, and writing and are
seeking to satisfy their general education language requirement.
How do I take the FLRA exam? 
Visit the LLC in Kaufman and obtain the FLRA form and contact the MLLL
department to connect with an approved interviewer/examiner.
The student and approved interviewer/examiner will schedule a time to meet and administer the exam. Once the exam is completed, the student will bring the signed FLRA form back to the Modern Languages Department.
The department’s chair will sign the form within 24 hours and two copies will be
 made – one for the student’s records and one they will take to their academic

It is the responsibility of the academic advisor to notate the student’s transcript.

The Center for Independent and Distance Learning (CIDL) offers two types of testing for foreign language: CLEP and Prior Learning Assessment. These tests DO provide 
academic credit, but are offered at a cost to the Student.
 For more information
 about these tests, visit CIDL (link).

Who should take an exam offered through CIDL? 
Eligible students who wish to earn academic credit hours by successfully completing a paid exam.