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Dina Hassan

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Dina Hassan

Professor, Arabic

Dina Hassan

Kaufman Hall

(405) 325-2482

Dina Hassan currently works as a lecturer at the department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, where she teaches Arabic in the Arabic Flagship Program. She received her Ph.D. degree from Texas Tech University, Texas. She previously completed a graduate diploma in simultaneous interpretation and written translation, after which she completed her Master’s degree in Translation from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. She has another graduate certificate in Applied Linguistics. She has more than twelve years’ experience in teaching Arabic, ESL, Technical translation, Literary translation, Technical communication, and Arab-American Literature.

 As a Fulbright scholar, she taught Arabic at Boston University for a year, after which she was selected to work as a reviewer in the Fulbright selection committee in Cairo. She has worked as a freelance translator and her fascination with languages and cultures allowed her research interests to lie at the intersection of translation, cross-cultural pragmatics, language in literature, literature in translation, Arab women writers and Islam and Feminism. Her dissertation focuses on World Englishes and multilingualism in contact literature, with a special focus on Arab women writers. She has publications in journals like Multilingua and an upcoming book chapter in Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics Volume 32. She also presented at several conferences.

Conference Presentations

“Collective Voice Narratives: Implicit and Explicit Collectivity in Muslim Women’s Stories,” NEMLA 50th Annual Conference, Washington DC, March 2019.

 “Arabic-English Pragma-linguistic and Socio-Pragmatic Politeness in Translation,” ASAL Annual Conference, Arizona, February 2018.

“New Representations of Identity in Contact Literature,” NEMLA Annual Conference, Baltimore, March 2017.

“Re-translation in Leila Aboulela's The Translator,” 48th Annual Comparative Literature Symposium, Department of English, Texas Tech University, April 2015.

"Contact Literature and the Linguistic Strategies of Ahdaf Soueif,” TTU Arts and Sciences Annual Conference, October 2015.

Selected Publications:

“Multilingualism in literature: A Socio-pragmatic Reading of Leila Aboulela’s The Translator (1999) and Ahdaf Soueif’s The Map of Love (1999),” Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication, January 2018.

“The Linguistic Phenomenon of Politeness in Translation,” Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics: Papers from the 32nd Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics. John Benjamins. Forthcoming 2020.

Honors and Awards


July 2009 Fulbright Fellowship (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program), Boston University

March 2015 Benjamin Rude Award, Department of English, Texas Tech University

The award is named for English majors with academic achievement and distinguishing characteristics that include problem-solving abilities, creativity and ability to influence others.

October 2015 First prize for best panel presentation

TTU Arts and Sciences Conference.