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Dylan Herrick

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Dylan Herrick

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Linguistics

780 Van Vleet Oval, Norman, OK 73019-2038
Kaufman Hall 202
(405) 325-1318


Dylan Herrick, Associate Professor of Linguistics, received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2003 and joined the Modern Languages faculty in 2006. Prior to OU, he spent two years at Mie University (Japan) and one year at Pomona College.

His research specialization is theoretical phonology and the phonetics-phonology interface, and he has done extensive work on Catalan dialects (spoken in and around the Barcelona area). Currently, his research focuses on Native American languages. He has done work on the Comanche vowel system and tone and vowel length in Cherokee. He is also doing preliminary work on the phonology of Osage.

Dr. Herrick teaches General Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Phonetic Field Methods, Historical Linguistics, and the Linguistics Capstone course. He enjoys his teaching and tries his best to employ (some variant of) the Socratic method in his classes. He says, "I feel my most successful as a teacher when my students explain the answers to a particular problem to me, and I feel my worst when I have to explain the answer to them."

Selected Publications

-----2017. Tracy Hirata-Edds & Dylan Herrick. Nov 2017. “Building Tone Resources for Second Language Learners from Phonetic Documentation: Cherokee Examples”. Language Documentation and Conservation 11. 289-304.

-----2015. Herrick, Dylan (1st author), Marcellino Berardo, Durbin Feeling, Tracy Hirata-Edds, & Lizette Peter. Feb 2015. “Collaborative Documentation and Revitalization of Cherokee Tone”. Language Documentation and Conservation. 12-31.

-----2011. “On Comanche's Central Mid Vowel.” International Journal of American Linguistics, Vol 77:3. 373-396.

-----2008. “An acoustic description of Central Catalan vowels based on real and nonsense word data.” Catalan Review XXI. 231-256.

-----2007. “Eastern Catalan vowel reduction is characterized by raising – not centralization.” Studies in Language Sciences 6. Tokyo: Kurosio Publishers. 227-241.

-----2006. “Mid vowels and schwa in Eastern Catalan: five non-Barcelona dialects.” In Jean-Pierre Montreuil (Ed.), New perspectives on Romance Linguistics. The Netherlands: John Benjamins. 113-126.

-----2005. “Examining perceptual distance in phonological vowel reduction.” In Yukio Otsu (Ed.), The Proceedings of the Sixth Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics. Tokyo: Hitsuji Shobo. 117-137.


PhD UC Santa Cruz 2003

MA UC Santa Cruz 1999

BA UC San Diego 1994