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Audrey Townsend

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Audrey C. Townsend

Lecturer, French Language Coordinator

Kaufman Hall 341

(405) 325-9499


Audrey C. Townsend earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages & Literatures - French from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in August 2012, where she focused on medieval French literature, researching in particular Marie de France's lais and how they may be interpreted as a rallying cry for a moral adoucissement or reinterpretation, especially in regard to the position of women of Marie de France's time.

Townsend earned her Master of Arts degree in French from the Florida State University in May 2014, where she specialized in French literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as the theory of Michel Foucault. Her master's thesis, « Les Colloques : une œuvre foucauldienne ? Une nouvelle interprétation des Colloques d'Érasme et la femme dans l'œuvre érasmienne » suggests that the women of Desiderius Erasmus' Colloquies may be interpreted as Foucauldian parrhesiastes, or truth-tellers, in regard to what they tell other characters, as well as the reader, about contemporaneous women's roles and boundaries in society.

Townsend joined the French division of the MLLL Department at OU in August 2014 as a doctoral student and graduate teaching assistant of French for the department and continues her work in medieval French literature. She intends to examine the roles, relationships and representations of fathers and daughters in medieval and contemporary French literature in her doctoral dissertation.

Past conference presentations for Townsend include « Voltaire et l'optimisme » presented at the 2010 St. Louis University French and Spanish Graduate-Undergraduate Student Symposium, as well as « Les lais de Marie de France et l'adoucissement moral : une nouvelle époque, une nouvelle moralité » at the 2012 St. Louis University Annual French and Spanish Graduate-Undergraduate Student Symposium.

Master of Arts
The Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL
May 2014

Bachelor of Arts
Foreign Language and Literature - French
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL
August 2012