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Christa Chilson

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Christa Chilson

Instructor, German

Kaufman Hall 101

(405) 325-1546 


Christa Chilson has a diverse background that attracted her to study the works of Goethe, a literary giant of incredible broad interest. Christa focused on his major literary work, Faust, and his major scientific contribution, the Theory of Color during her graduate studies at OU. She is fascinated by Goethe’s dedication to a holistic and subjective science, where the scientist himself becomes an intrinsic part, and his maturation is the goal of science. Christa is similarly dedicated to developing her own capacities on a more holistic and experiential level, which caused her to venture into the healing arts after her M.A. and to complete an education as a massage therapist, before she returned to teaching German at Noble High School. She keeps an active practice of meditation, Qigong, yoga, and Thai massage in her life to complement her love for languages and cultures.

Christa, a native speaker from Germany, has also explored other languages and cultures, such as Swedish, French, and Spanish. She learned Swedish while living three years in the Arctic region of Sweden, and French while studying abroad during a three months stay in Vitry-le-François, France as part of an exchange program organized through her German high school. She also lived two months in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she delved into the Spanish language. Her varied language background provides the foundation for Christa’s passion to impart to students the enriching experience of learning a foreign language and about another culture.


M.A. in German, University of Oklahoma, 2012
Thesis: Discovering Meaning in Goethe's Faust Through Holism

B.A. in German, University of Oklahoma, 2009