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Ori Kritz

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Ori Kritz

Professor, Hebrew Studies

Kaufman Hall 108

(405) 325-1280


Professor Ori Kritz received her Ph.D. (1993) as well as M.Phil. (1990) in Yiddish Literature from Columbia University, Masters (1986) in Hebrew Literature and B.A. in Hebrew Literature and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University. Dr. Kritz teaches in two areas; she heads the Hebrew Program (for more information see the Hebrew web-site: and teaches Hebrew as well as Jewish Literature, including Hebrew Yiddish (East European), West European and American. Before coming to OU (2003) Dr. Kritz taught in Israel (1995-2003) and at Emory University (1990-1995).

Dr. Kritz’s research areas include Modern Hebrew and Yiddish literatures. Her current research concentrates on the biographies and writings of Hebrew women writers of poetry and prose, using shame theories.An additional project in progress is a new edition of Sipurei ha-kibbutz (Kibbutz Stories, 3 volumes), co-authored with Dr. Reuven Kritz. The work includes short stories, novels, children literature, plays and movies connected to the kibbutz life experience from the beginning of its literature (1920) to the present (2010).


Selected Publications


Bedarkei hashirah (In the Paths of Poetry – on Hebrew Poetry), 2 vols. Co-authored with R. Kritz. Tel-Aviv: Purah, 2001.

Poetics of Anarchy. New York: Peter Lang, 1997.

Sipurei hakibutz (The Kibbutz Stories), 3 vols. Co-authored with Reuven Kritz. Tel-Aviv: Purah, 1997.

Articles, Book Chapters and Entries:

“Aharon Amir – nisyon sikum” (Aharon Amir – An Attempt to Recapitulate) Hador 3, April 2009: 97-102.

“Bikoret atzmit-hevratit besipurav shel L. Shapiro.” (Self and Social Criticism in the Stories of Lamed Shapiro). Iyun umechkar 6, 1999: 199-225.

“The Biography and Personality of Rachel (Bluvshtein).” the third part of Shirei Rachel Shirat Rachel, Rachel. (Rachel’s Poems, Rachel's Poetry, Rachel) Purah 2003.

“Communist-Anarchism.” The Encyclopedia of American Jewish History. Eds. Steven Norwood and Eunice Pollack. Chicago: ABC Clio, 2007.

“Die Geschichte einer Wechselbeziehung: Zionismus, hebraeische Literatur und Kunst.“ (The Story of a Dialectic Relationship: Zionism, Hebrew Literature and Art). Co-authored with R. Kritz. Ein Leben fűr die jűdische Kunst. Gedenkband Fűr Hannelore Kűnzl. 2003: 195-214.

“Prayers of an Unbeliever: On Temkin’s Secular Prayers.” Trumah December 2000: 99-111.

“Vehu ha-Or hameta،ate،a le-Lea Goldberg” (And This is The Decieving Light by Lea Goldberg). Hador: The Hebrew Annual of America, December 2012: 109-117.



1993 - Ph.D. in Yiddish Studies Columbia University

1990 - M.Phil in Yiddish Studies Columbia University

1986 - M.A. in Hebrew Literature Tel-Aviv University





Modern Hebrew/Israeli Poetry

Modern Hebrew/Israeli culture and prose

Yiddish Literature