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Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

Course Placement

Students who have completed two or more years of high school foreign language and who wish to continue their foreign language study at the University will be placed in appropriate courses based on their scores in the proficiency exam. Placement exams are administered during pre-enrollment periods as well as during regular enrollment periods. 

Native Speaker Policy

For departmental purposes, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics defines a native speaker of a language as any individual who has been raised in a family and a society where this language is habitually used for everyday communication and is the language of instruction in the student's school system. 
A native speaker may not enroll in any undergraduate skills course in his or her native language, with the single exception of the course in Advanced Composition 3423, but may earn credit by advanced standing exams.
For the complete Native Speaker Policy and more information regarding certification of fluency, click here.

Undergraduate Programs Available