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Ching Han Kao

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Ching Han Kao

Instructor, Chinese

Yuchen Li.







National Taipei University of Education                         Taipei, Taiwan

M.A. Teaching Chinese as a second Language               Sep. 2020-Jun. 2023

National Taipei University of Education                         Taipei, Taiwan

B.A. Education Management                                              Sep. 2014-Jun. 2018


Professional Experience

National Taiwan University (ICLP)                                                  Taipei, Taiwan

Reading teacher                                                                                   Jun. 2023 - Aug. 2023

Tamkang University (RCLP)                                                             Taipei, Taiwan

Regular class teacher                                                                          Jan. 2023-Aug. 2023

National Taipei University of Education                                         Taipei, Taiwan

Practice teacher                                                                                    Sep. 2022-Nov. 2022

Busan Overseas Chinese Primary School                                      Busan, Korea

Speech teacher                                                                                      Oct. 2021-Aug. 2022

Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple Chinese School (Online)        Philippines

Mandarin Teacher                                                                                  Jul. 2021-Aug. 2021

Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth (OCAC)             Taipei, Taiwan

Teaching Assistant                                                                                Jul. 2021-Aug. 2021

New Residents Family Growth Association                                   Taipei, Taiwan

Mandarin Teacher                                                                                 Mar. 2021-Aug. 2021

Middlebury College (Online)                                                            USA

Mandarin Teacher                                                                                Mar. 2021-May 2021

Language and Culture Study Activities (Online)                         Japan/ Korea

Mandarin Teacher                                                                               Feb. 2021- Mar. 2021



  • The Curriculum Planning and Design of Speech class in Overseas Chinese Schools─ A Case Study of Busan Overseas Chinese Primary School
  • Analysis and comparison of Chinese character teaching in Taiwanese and Korean children's Chinese textbooks "Let's Learn Chinese" and "New Delicious Chinese for Children" as examples
  • The Syntax of Conjunctive Mood Conjunctions in Modern Chinese Functional Analysis and Teaching Suggestions


Language Skills  

Native: Chinese Mandarin / Proficient: English, Korean