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Julia Abramson

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Julia Luisa Abramson

Associate Professor, French

Kaufman Hall 217

CV (pdf)


Prof. Julia Luisa Abramson joined the faculty of the University of Oklahoma in 1999. She completed the Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures, with a specialization in French, at Princeton University. At Bryn Mawr College, she took the B.A. in French studies while completing a Master's degree at the same time through a four-year, dual-degree program.

A profoundly interdisciplinary thinker, Prof. Abramson has produced separate monographs on fakery and on French food culture. At present, she is writing a new book untangling how finance and economics interacted with other aspects of social life and cultural production in Enlightenment-era France, and laying bare the consequences of these interactions, not least for political reform and social ideals. As a passionate defender of the concept of usable and useful history, she envisions the new book as a mirror that can help bring the present into a sharper focus.

She teaches courses and advises research about financial cultures and political economy; French literature, culture and society; early modern France; and contemporary French-speaking cinema. Within the French degree programs, she regularly teaches FR 3753 French Cultures through Film, FR 3723 French for the Professions, FR 3853 Introduction to Literary Analysis, and FR 2253 Health, Medicine, and the Environment in French Culture, as well as advanced seminars on the French 17th and 18th centuries.

Prof. Abramson is the faculty advisor for French. She can be reached by email: 

Selected Publications

Julia Luisa Abramson, "Hoax, Fraud, Plagiarism, Forgery." Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature. Oxford University Press: 2015—; article published 19 July 2023, 1-46. DOI:

Julia Luisa Abramson, "Finance, fraude, libertinage : Mythe et histoire dans Le paysan parvenu de Marivaux, sa fin apocryphe et Manon Lescaut de Prévost.” L’Argent du libertinage, ed. Éric Turcat. Paris, France: L’Harmattan, 2021, 67-99.

Julia Luisa Abramson, “French food on film: Beyond gastronomy in La Noire de …, Chocolat, and La Graine et le mulet.” Contemporary French Civilization 42.3-4 (2017): 259-78. DOI:

Julia Luisa Abramson, “Narrating ‘finances’ after John Law: Complicity, critique, and the bonds of obligation in Duclos and Mouhy.” Finance and Society 2.1 (2016): 25-44. DOI:

Julia Luisa Abramson, “Pourquoi Piketty ? French Enlightenment and the American Reception of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” Common-place: The Journal of Early American Life, 16.3 (Spring 2016).

Julia Luisa Abramson, “Pratiques alimentaires, choix et individualisation : l’intérêt de la démarche biographique.” Sociologie et sociétés 46.2 (Fall 2014): 157-79.

Julia Luisa Abramson, “Une réfugiée de la Terreur en Amérique : Nation, terre, et identité dans les mémoires de la marquise de La Tour du Pin (1770-1835).” Relire le patrimoine lettré de l’Amérique française. Sébastien Côté and Charles Doutrelepont, eds. Quebec, Canada: University of Laval Press, 2013, 161-86.

Julia Luisa Abramson, Food Culture in France. Greenwood Press, 2007.

Julia Luisa Abramson, Learning from Lying: Paradoxes of the Literary Mystification. University of Delaware Press, 2005.


Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures. Princeton University.1999

M.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures. Princeton University. 1993

M.A. in French Studies. Bryn Mawr College. 1991

B.A. in French Studies. Bryn Mawr College. 1991

Teaching Schedule for Fall 2023:

FR 3753-001 French Culture Through Film, KH 233, TR 9:00-10:15