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Ori Kritz

Professor, Hebrew

Kaufman Hall 108

(405) 325-1280


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I received a Ph.D. in Yiddish Studies from Columbia University in NYC in 1993. I came to the University of Oklahoma in 2003 as an Associate Professor.

At OU, I teach Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, and Jewish literature (American, European, and Israeli) in English translation.

I serve as faculty advisor to Sooners for Israel and the Hebrew Club. I also serve on the Advisory Committee of Hillel.


Selected Publications

Ori Kritz, Reuven Kritz, Bedarkei hashirah (In the Paths of Poetry – on Hebrew Poetry), 2 vols. Tel-Aviv: Purah, 2001.

Ori Kritz, Poetics of Anarchy. New York: Peter Lang, 1997. The history of Jewish communist anarchism in the United States and the life and work of David Edelshtat.

Ori Kritz, Reuven Kritz, Sipurei hakibutz (The Kibbutz Stories), 3 vols. Tel-Aviv: Purah, 1997. About literature dealing with the kibbutz from the 1920's to the time the book was published.

Ori Kritz, “Vehu ha-Or hameta،ate،a le-Lea Goldberg” (And This is The Decieving Light by Lea Goldberg). Hador: The Hebrew Annual of America, December 2012: 109-117. The article is an analysis of the novel and the light it sheds on Goldberg's poetics.

Ori Kritz, “The Biography and Personality of Rachel (Bluvshtein).” In Shirei Rachel, Shirat Rachel (Rachel’s Poems, Rachel's Poetry, Rachel) by Reuven Kritz, Purah 2003: 478-512.



Ph.D. in Yiddish literature and linguistics. Columbia University. 1993

M.Phil in Yiddish literature and linguistics. Columbia University. 1990 

M.A. in Hebrew Literature, Tel-Aviv University. 1986

B.A. in Philosophy and Hebrew Literature. Tel-Aviv University. 1981


Teaching Schedule for Spring 2023:

HEBR 1225 Beginning Hebrew (continued) 

HEBR 2213 Intermediate Hebrew II 

HEBR 3223 Advanced Hebrew II 

MLLL 3073 The Hebrew Bible as Literature