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Laura Bartley, PhD

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Laura Bartley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Plant Biology

150 George Lynn Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet Oval
Norman, OK 73019
405-325-1653 (office)
405-325-3176 (lab)

B.A., Swarthmore College, 1995
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2002
Postdoc, AAAS Science Policy Fellow, USDA, 2002-2004
Postdoc, Univ of California, Davis, 2005-2010


Research Areas:
Plant Biology, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology

Research interests:
My research currently seeks to illuminate the regulation, biosynthesis and breakdown of plant cell walls. I am particularly interested in grass cell walls due to their diversification relative to dicotyledenous species and the abundance of grasses in managed and unmanaged ecosystems. Grass cell walls represent a promising source of chemical energy for next generation biofuel production. My groups’ approach to this problem is multifaceted and includes the following:

  • Functional genomics of rice and other model grasses to develop and test hypotheses focusing on grass-diverged aspects of cell wall content regulation and biosynthesis.
  • Population genetics in switchgrass to identify desirable cell wall variation and associated genetic polymorphisms toward identifying the genetic causes of cell wall quality and switchgrass genotypes that convert to biofuels more efficiently.
  • Biochemistry of enzymes involved in grass-diverged aspects of cell wall biosynthesis toward understanding substrate specificity and integration into cellular metabolism.
  • Microscopy and physiology to understand regulation of cell wall degradation/remodeling during plant development, in particular the regulation of the cell wall remodeling processes that occur to permit emergence of roots past overlying tissues.

Recent Relevant Publications:

Lin, F., B. J. Williams, P. A. V. Thangella, A. Ladak, A. A. Schepmoes, H. J. Olivos, K. Zhao, S. J. Callister and L. E. Bartley. 2017. Proteomics Coupled with Metabolite and Cell Wall Profiling Reveal Metabolic Processes of a Developing Rice Stem Internode. Front Plant Sci 8: 1134

Karlen, S. D., C. Zhang, M. L. Peck, D. Padmakshan, Y. L. Tsai, R. A. Smith, K. E. Helmich, A. Eudes, H. C. A. Free, B. G. Smith, C. L. Cass, S. Lee, G. Wang, E. Baidoo, J. Keasling, P. C. Ronald, D. Loque, F. Lu, J. C. Sedbrook, R. Sibout, J. H. Grabber, T. M. Runge, K. S. Mysore, H. V. Scheller, P. J. Harris, L. E. Bartley and J. Ralph. (2016) Monolignol Ferulate Conjugates are Naturally Incorporated into Plant Lignins. Science Advances. 2: no. 10,     e1600393

Lin, F., Fagerstrom, A.,  Manisseri, C., Williams, B., Chiniquy, D., Saha, P., Peck, M., Pattathil, S., Vega-Sanchez, M., Zhu, L., Hahn, M.J., Willats, W., Scheller, H.V., Ronald, P. and Bartley, L.E. (2016) Correlations among cell wall components and candidate biosynthesis gene expression during rice development. Plant Cell Physiology. doi:               10.1093/pcp/pcw125

Lin, F., Waters, C.L., Mallinson, R.G., Lobban, L.L, Bartley, L.E. (2015) Relationships between biomass composition and liquid products formed via pyrolysis. Frontiers in Energy.3:45. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2015.00045.

Zhao, K. and Bartley, L.E. (2014) Comparative Genomic Analysis of the R2R3 MYB Secondary Cell Wall Regulators in Arabidopsis, poplar, rice, maize, and switchgrass. BMC Plant Biology 14:135. PMID: 24885077. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-14-135

Bartley, L.E., Peck, M.L., Kim, S.R., Ebert, B., Maniseri, C., Chiniquy, D.M., Sykes, R., Gao, L., Carsten, R., Vega-Sanchez, M., Benke, P., Canlas, P., Cao, P., Brewer, S., Line, F., Smith, W., Zhang, X., Jentoff, R., Foster, S., Zhou, J., Ziebell, A., An, G., Scheller, H.V., Ronald, P.C. (2013) Over expression of BAHD acyltransferase, OsAt10, alters rice cell wall hydroxycinnamic acid content and saccharification. Plant Physiology 161:1615-1633.     doi: http:/ / dx. doi. org/ 10. 1104/ pp. 112. 208694. PMC3613443