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Scott D. Russell, PhD

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Scott D. Russell, Ph.D.

Professor of Plant Biology

223 Geroge Lynn Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet Oval
Norman, OK 73019

Russell Lab Website

B.A., Botany, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1975
M.S., Biology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, 1977
Ph.D., Botany, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, 1981




Research areas:
Plant Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Microscopy, Ultrastructure, and Advanced Imaging systems

Research interests:
The goal of my research program is the elucidation of double fertilization mechanisms in flowering plants using rice, Arabidopsis and Plumbago as model systems, with the goal of resolving on a molecular level how gametes develop, recognize one another, fuse and transmit their nuclear and cytoplasmic genome. Recent work has emphasized the gene profiling of pollen and male gametes, with the goal of exploiting the unique attributes of gametes to develop a genetically powerful haploid method for selecting flowering plant characteristics for purposes of transformation and recombination.  

Recent publications:

Li C, Xu HP, Fu FF, Russell SD, Sundaresan V, Gent JI.  2020.  Reprogramming of 24nt siRNAs in rice gametes.  BioRXiv  Genome Research 

Li C, Xu H, Russell SD, Sundaresan V. Step-by-step protocols for rice gamete isolation.  Sexual Plant Reproduction 32: 1-9. 2019.

Qiao ZZ, Brechenmacher L, Smith B, Strout GW, Mangin W, Taylor C, Russell SD, Stacey G, Libault M.  The GmFWL1 (FW2-2-like) nodulation gene encodes a plasma membrane microdomain-associated protein.  Plant, Cell and Environment 40(8):1442-1455 (PMID: 28241097).  2017.

 Anderson SN, Johnson CS, Chesnut J, Jones DS, Woodhouse M, Khanday I, Li C, Conrad LJ, Russell SD, Sundaresan V.  Onset of zygotic genome activation and restricted paternal activity in the unicellular plant zygote.  Developmental Cell 43(3):349-358.e4 (PMID: 29112853).  2017.

Russell, S.D., Fertilization. In:  Brian Thomas, Brian G Murray and Denis J Murphy [eds], Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences, Vol 2, Waltham, MA: Academic Press, pp. 262–268.  2017.

Russell SD, Jones DS, Anderson S, Wang X, Sundaresan V, Gou XP. Isolation of rice sperm cells for transcriptional profiling.  In: Methods in Molecular Biology 1669. Plant Germline Development, Humana Press, Springer, pp 211-219. 2017.

Zhang J, Yuan T, Duan X, Wei XP, Shi T, Li J, Russell S, Gou XP.  Cis-regulatory elements determine germline specificity and expression level of an isopentenyltrans-ferase gene in sperm cells of Arabidopsis.  Plant Physiology 170: 1524-1534  (PMID: 26739233). 2016.

Russell, SD, Jones DS. The male germline of angiosperms: Repertoire of an inconspicuous but important cell lineage. Frontiers in Plant Science 6:173. 2015  doi:10.3389/fpls.2015.00173

Anderson S, Johnson C, Jones D, Conrad, Gou X, Russell S, Sundaresan V. Transcriptomes of isolated rice gametes characterized by deep sequencing: Evidence for distinct sex-dependent chromatin and epigenetic states before fertilization. Plant Journal 76: 729-741. 2013.

Fu S, Zhang YN, Wang YY, Zhu XY, Tian HQ, Russell SD. Defects in cytoskeletal microtubule deployment of microsporocytes contribute to fertility loss in genic male-sterile Chinese cabbage. Plant Reproduction 26: 55-61. 2013.

Strout G, Russell SD, Pulsifer DP, Erten S, Lakhtakia A, Lee DW. Silica nanoparticles aid in structural leaf coloration in the Malaysian tropical rainforest understorey herb Mapania caudata. Annals of Botany 112: 1141-1148. 2013.

Russell SD, Gou XP, Wong CE, Wang X, Yuan T, Wei XP, Bhalla PL, Singh MB. 2012. Genomic profiling of rice sperm cell transcripts reveals conserved and distinct elements in the flowering plant male germ lineage. New Phytologist 195:560-573