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Postdoctoral and Research Scientists

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Postdoctoral and Research Scientists

Postdoctoral Scientists

Name/DegreeEmailResearch Interests
Andrea Contina, PhDandrea.contina@ou.eduWild Bird Ecology
Siyang Jian, 
Jialiang Kuang, 
kjialiang@ou.eduEffects of ecological factors on the spatial-temporal patterns, network interactions, and functions of microbial communities 
Chuang Li, 
Hanyan Li, 
Xiaojun Liu, 
Yang Ouyang, 
Jean Rodriguez Ramos, 
Weiling Shi, 
Weiling.Shi-1@ou.eduMicrobial experimental
evolution, Cr (VI) resistance
and bioremediation,
soil microbial community
structure and function
Xuanya Tao, 
Yajiao Wang, 
Michael Wells, 
Linwei Wu, 
Linwei.Wu-1@ou.eduMicrobial Ecology
and Genomics
Xuebin Yang, PhDxyang@ou.eduRemote Sensing, Land Use, and Land Cover Change
Ya ZhangYa.Zhang-1@ou.eduPathogen detection and source tracking in public health, ecological theories in the era of omics techniques and bioinformatics, and their applications in solving problems in terrestrial ecosystems under climate change scenarios

Research Scientists

PhotoName/TitleResearch Interests
Daliang Ning
Research Scientist
Microbial Ecology
Environmental microbiology
 Yuanwei Qin  Research ScientistRemote sensing, land use, and land cover change
 Bradley Stevenson, PhD
Senior Research Associate
Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Anaerobic Microbiology
Neil Wofford
Research Scientist
Anaerobic Microbial Physiology, Syntrophy
 Liyou Wu
Adjunct Professor
Microbial Ecology and Genomics

Naijia Xiao

Research Scientist

Inference of biotic and non-biotic interactions in complex ecological systems, equation-free dynamic system modeling, stochastic ecological modeling and microarray probe design, mathematical modeling, and community characterization of ecological communities. 
Aifen Zhou
Research Scientist
Functional genomics, Stress response of sulfate-reducing bacteria and nitrate-reducing bacteria, Microbial experimental evolution, Plastic bio-degradation