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Land Acknowledgement Statement

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Land Acknowledgement Statement

"Long before the University of Oklahoma was established, the land on which the University now resides was the traditional home of the “Hasinais” Caddo Nation and “Kirikirʔi:s” Wichita & Affiliated Tribes.

We acknowledge this territory once also served as a hunting ground, trade exchange point, and migration route for the Apache, Comanche, Kiowa and Osage nations. 

Today, 39 tribal nations dwell in the state of Oklahoma as a result of settler and colonial policies that were designed to assimilate Native people.

The University of Oklahoma recognizes the historical connection our university has with its Indigenous community. We acknowledge, honor and respect the diverse Indigenous peoples connected to this land. We fully recognize, support and advocate for the sovereign rights of all of Oklahoma’s 39 tribal nations. This acknowledgement is aligned with our university’s core value of creating a diverse and inclusive community. It is an institutional responsibility to recognize and acknowledge the people, culture and history that make up our entire OU Community."

The above land acknowledgement statement was created by the OU Land Acknowledgement Working Group in August of 2020. This statement may be borrowed. For resources on creating your own LAS, see the guide below provided by the Native Governance Center. 

Additional Resources:

pdf OU Land Acknowledgement Statement
Draft approved by the OU LAS Working Group, August 2020