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All reimbursable University travel is booked using the Concur system. Below is basic information for working in Concur to request, book and expense travel. Please visit the Concur Travel page for full information/instructions. 

Employees must use an OU Travel Card in order to be reimbursed for travel expenses. It is the employee's responsiblity to ensure that their cards are active and ready for use ahead of travel. Any expenses charged to the OU Travel Card, that are not reimbursed by the department, will be deducted from the employee’s following paycheck. 

All NAS employees must add the department's financial coordinator as a delegate in Concur. Delegates have access to necessary Expense Report information for financial reporting. Delegates may also act on your behalf within the system, if needed, to request, book and expense trips. 

To add a delegate:

  • Navigate to your Profile at the top right of the page
  • Click on Profile Settings
  • Click on Expense Delegates under Expense Settings in the menu bar on the left of the page
  • Click Add, search for the delegate you wish to add
  • Mark each available checkbox
  • Save

1. Travel Request - All reimbursable out-of-state and international travel* begins with a Travel Request in Concur. (In-state travel does not require a Travel Request). 

2. Book Travel - Booking is done within Concur, through Corporate Travel Planners.  You may opt to book directly through CTP by emailing or calling 877-811-5319. Trips booked with a CTP travel agent will be loaded to the Concur system.

3. Enjoy Your Trip! 

4. Expense Report - An “Expense” link will appear to the right of your Travel Request. Use this link to generate an Expense Report. It can take a few days for Travel Card expenses to appear in Concur, you will need to wait to submit your Expense Report until all expenses have been added to the report.  

Employees will be responsible for any expenses beyond their budget and should plan accordingly when booking. Expenses charged to the OU Travel Card, and not covered by funding from NAS or other committed funding, will be deducted from the employee’s next paycheck. If an employee expects that their NAS budget will not cover their trip in full, and they do not want overages to be deducted from their paycheck, they may want to consider using a personal credit card for expenses that they will not be requesting reimbursement for.

*Planned international travel - whether business or personal - must also be reported on the new International Travel Registration form at least 30 days prior to the departure date. View the policy here - International Travel Registration and Review Policy.

Planned international travel - whether business or personal - must also be reported on the new International Travel Registration form at least 30 days prior to the departure date. View the policy here - International Travel Registration and Review Policy.

Syllabi Procedures

Faculty should create class syllabi, following the template provided by OU Center for Faculty Excellence. Faculty must upload their syllabi to their course in Canvas by the first day of the semester. Faculty must also submit their syllabi each semester to the Native American Studies office manager at by the first Friday of the first week of classes. Syllabi will be reviewed by the department chair. Any suggestions for updates will be sent to instructors, if needed. More information about OU syllabi procedures may be found in the OU Faculty Handbook.

OU Libraries - Kanopy Streaming Video

OU Libraries offers access to Kanopy which provides streaming video supporting classes in the arts, business, health, media/communication, science, humanities and education. 

Room Reservations

NAS has two spaces that can be reserved. Email to reserve.

NAS Conference Room & Library

Copeland Hall 244

24 (table seats up to 12, with additional chairs along the wall.)

LCD Display,  Mac Mini, Zoom Video Conferencing, 14-seat conference table, 16 extra chairs around perimeter.

Native American Studies has over 1,300 books available for check-out. 

View Our Online Library Catalog on

Please contact us at or (405) 325-2312 if you would like to donate books or materials to our library.

Copeland Hall 342


LCD display, sink, small refrigerator, moveable podium, whiteboard.