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Canvas and TurnItIn

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Using TurnItIn in Canvas

TurnItIn identifies possible instances of plagiarism in Assignment submissions by comparing those files against a massive database consisting of over 45 billion web pages, 337 million student papers, and 130 million publications.

Once an Assignment submission has been processed by TurnItIn, the instructor may view an “Originality Report” showing matches between text in the submission and the TurnItIn database.

The TurnItIn System Status page is a good place to check if the TurnItIn system is experiencing problems. Bookmark this page for future reference >>> Click here for the TurnItIn System Status page


Canvas Plagiarism Framework (the recommended method)

TurnItIn has released a new "Plagiarism Framework" for Canvas that is much simpler to use than the TurnItIn LTI, and integrates much better with Canvas. The Canvas Plagiarism Framework is the recommended method for almost all users.

For information on enabling the Canvas Plagiarism Framework for an Assignment, click here to view "Creating a Canvas Plagiarism Framework assignment"

For information on all Canvas Plagiarism Framework settings, click here to view Canvas Plagiarism Framework guides


TurnItIn LTI (the old method)

The TurnItIn LTI allows for using certain TurnItIn features such as document markup, rubrics, and peer review. While Canvas includes those features as well, some users may wish to use TurnItIn for these purposes and should use the TurnItIn LTI. Be aware that there are several caveats for using the TurnItIn LTI which are explained below.

For information on enabling the TurnItIn LTI for an Assignment in Canvas, click here to view "Creating a Turnitin LTI Assignment in Canvas"

For information on all TurnItIn LTI settings, click here to view TurnItIn LTI guides


It is very important that you set the Due Date and Available dates in Canvas before enabling the TurnItIn LTI. If you enable the TurnItIn LTI without setting a Due Date and Available dates in Canvas first, TurnItIn will automatically set a Due Date 7 days from the date the TurnItIn LTI was enabled. If this is not changed, your students will not be able to turn in their assignment and could also cause an error in TurnItIn.

For example, if the TurnItIn LTI was enabled for an Assignment on August 1st, but no dates were set in Canvas, TurnItIn automatically set a Start Date of August 1st and a Due Date of August 7th. See below for more details.

NOTE: Do NOT enable the TurnItIn LTI in the "Apps" tab of your Course Settings. Enabling this TurnItIn app conflicts with the TurnItIn LTI used in Assignments and TurnItIn will not work.

Due to the way the TurnItIn LTI is implemented its product in Canvas, there are certain limitations you should be aware of when enabling the TurnItIn LTI for an Assignment in Canvas. For this reason, we normally recommend using the TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework instead of the LTI, explained above. The following limitations apply ONLY to the LTI, not to Plagiarism Framework.

  • You cannot use the TurnItIn LTI with group assignments or peer reviewed assignments.
  • Turnitin assignments cannot include more than one submission date; differentiated due dates are not supported.
  • Turnitin submissions require a minimum of 25 words, and maximum of 400 pages, and a file size maximum of 40 MB.
  • Students cannot submit multiple file uploads.
  • File type restrictions are very limited. Turnitin always allows students to submit their assignment as a text entry or upload of Text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx), Postcript (.ps), PDF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), HTML, WordPerfect (.wp), Hangul (.hwp), or Open Office (.odt/.ods/.odp).

Rubrics & the TurnItIn LTI

While the TurnItIn LTI is enabled, you cannot add or edit a Canvas rubric to the assignment. Students will not be able to view the Canvas rubric before submitting their assignment. If you added a Canvas rubric to the assignment before enabling the TurnItIn LTI , you will still be able to use the rubric when grading in SpeedGrader. If you need to edit/delete the rubric, you can disable the TurnItIn LTI to access the rubric, then re-enable TurnItIn after you are finished.

A student needs to submit a paper after the Due Date

  1. Access the Optional Settings in TurnItIn for the assignment. Click here for the Settings guide.
  2. Click the "Yes" radio button for Allow Late Submissions.
  3. Be aware that this will allow late submissions for ALL students in the course.


Students and Instructor cannot access TurnItIn for an assignment. TurnItIn reports an error code: Turnitin assignment could not be created. date_post - post date must be after start date

This error appears if the TurnItIn LTI was enabled without Due Date and Available dates being set in Canvas, and later an Available From date was set for the assignment. For example, if the TurnItIn LTI was enabled for an Assignment on August 1st, but no dates were set in Canvas, TurnItIn automatically set a Start Date of August 1st and a Due Date of August 7th. Later, an Available From date of Sept 14 was set in Canvas, which caused the error in TurnItIn. To fix this problem:

  1. Delete the “Available From” date for the assignment in Canvas. 
  2. Go to Settings for the TurnItIn LTI for the assignment.  
  3. Change the Start Date to the intended start date (don't worry about setting the time).
  4. Change the Feedback release date. (Feedback release date must be changed after the Start Date is changed, not before)
  5. Click “Submit” for TurnItIn.
  6. Now you can set the Available From date for the assignment in Canvas.