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Canvas Global Navigation

The Global Navigation Menu is located on the left side of every page in Canvas. Global Navigation links provide quick access to frequently used Canvas features. The first step toward setting up Canvas and your Canvas course is understanding the Global Navigation and your Account Settings. If you sidestep this important step, Canvas will not work properly for you. 

For General Information on Global Navigation: [+] Canvas Guide on Global Navigation




Use the information below to learn more about the Canvas Global Navigation Menu. Click through each item for a description, as well as links to learn more. 

 ▶  Denotes a “TO DO ITEM”


Canvas Navigation

The Account link provides access to the following items.

User Profile Example

In the profile you can update your name, biography, personal links, and profile picture. 
 ▶ Make sure to update your profile picture 
[+] Canvas Guide on How to Edit the User Profile


User settings allow you to make changes to your name and defalt email among other items. Most importantly, you want to add your OU alias email to your Canvas account. 


OU Default Email:

Alias Email:

▶ Make sure to add your OU ALIAS EMAIL to your account so that you can correspond outside of Canvas  
[+] Canvas Guide on User Settings


Canvas allows you to change its default notification settings. This includes 

  • what you are notified about
  •  how and when you are notified

 ▶ Update your notification settings  
[+] Canvas Guide on Notifications


The Dashboard is the landing page for Canvas and shows information about your current classes.

▶ Edit what appears on your Dashboard in “Courses.”

[+] Canvas Guide on Using the Dashboard



Favorite Courses

The Courses link allows you to see your courses, including those not listed on the Dashboard.

▶ Click on “All Courses” to view ALL your courses. To “Favorite” a course so that it appears on the Dashboard, select the star next to its title. 

[+] Canvas Guide on Customizing Course List
[+] Canvas Guide on How to View all Your Courses

Groups provides quick access to all the groups from your current courses. 

[+] Canvas Information on Groups


The Calendar allows you to view all of your course dates in one place. 

[+] Canvas Guide on How to Use the Calendar



All messaging for Canvas is accessed through the Inbox.

▶ If you want to email your class, this is the place to go.

[+] Canvas Guide on the Inbox

Note: The Inbox is also referred to as "Conversations"  


Commons provides access to Canvas assets posted by others.

This is for more advanced users.

[+] Canvas Information on Commons

Canvas Commons


Help provides quick and easy access to Canvas Guides, Chat Support, and Phone Support. 

▶ Get involved in the Canvas Community! Learn from other users. To access the Community: Canvas Community

Canvas Community


[+] Canvas Guide on Help (for Instructors)