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Consciousness, Subjectivity, & the Philosophy of Religion; April 19 through 20, 2024, University of Oklahoma, Thurman White Forum Building.

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Friday, April 19

8:15-9:00 Registration and coffee hour

9:00 Greeting by the Chair

9:15 Greeting by the Dean

9:30 History of the Kingfisher Chair by Linda Zagzebski

10:00-11:20 Eleonore Stump, "Mindreading and the Knowledge of Persons"

11:30-12:50 Dean Zimmerman, "God's Qualia and Our Souls"

1:00-2:30 Lunch
Note: lunch not provided

2:30-4:30 Linda Zagzebski, "Divine Consciousness of Human Consciousness"

6:30 Banquet
Note: meal ticket required


Saturday, April 20

10:00-11:20 Tim O'Connor, "Human Persons and Their Bodies"

11:30-12:50 Paul Draper, "Fundamental Consciousness and God"

1:00-3:00 Lunch
Note: lunch not provided

3:00-5:00 Yujin Nagasawa, "God and the Problem of Consciousness," with an introduction by Martin Montminy


The David Ross Boyd Lectures

The David Ross Boyd lecture series was a biennial event in which a philosopher of the highest distinction came to campus for approximately a week to deliver a series of public lectures and (usually) an additional paper to the philosophy department. The previous Boyd Lecturers were Claudia Card (2013), Jerrold Levinson (2011), Elliot Sober (2009), Christine Korsgaard (2007), Hilary Putnam (2005), Julia Annas (2004), Bas van Fraassen (2002), Jerry Fodor (2000), Jaegwon Kim (1998), Martha Nussbaum (1996), Alvin Plantinga (1994), Joel Feinberg (1991), and Donald Davidson (1990).

Conferences on Special Topics

The department organized conferences on specific topics, attracting national and international specialists. In spring 2011, the department hosted an in-house epistemology conference. In spring 2009, we hosted a conference on Epistemic Goodness. In spring 2007, we hosted Why Formal Epistemology?, an international workshop with speakers Luc Bovens (London School of Economics and Political Science), David Chalmers (Australian National University), Branden Fitelson (University of California-Berkeley), Alan Hajek (Australian National University), Jonathan Kwanvig (Baylor University), Adam Morton (University of Alberta, Edmonton), Scott Sturgeon (University of London) and Paul Weirich (University of Missouri).