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Linda Zagzebski

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Linda Zagzebski

George Lynn Cross Research Professor emerita
Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics emerita

Research areas: virtue epistemology and virtue ethics, philosophy of religion and philosophical theology, epistemology, and the metaphysics of fatalism.


My book, The Two Greatest Ideas: How Our Grasp of the Universe and Our Minds Changed Everything, was published by Princeton University Press in November, 2021. In this book I give a history of human civilization as the interplay of the idea that the human mind can grasp the universe and the idea that the human mind can grasp itself. The first great idea dominated in the West until the early modern period when the second great idea overtook the first in importance and radically changed art, literature, philosophy, science, and moral and political theory. The interplay of these two ideas has left us ambivalent about the relationship between our minds and the world and it has led to deep divisions over political and cultural issues. I end with the hope that a third great idea, the idea that the human mind can grasp other minds, will rise to the level of importance of the other two ideas and will help us gain a better way of thinking about the world as a whole.

A webinar interview for The Philosopher with Anthony Morgan is available here:

My current book project, Omnisubjectivity: An Essay on God and Subjectivity, is a development of my three published papers on omnisubjectivity. It will include arguments for why God must be omnisubjective, models of how God can be omnisubjective, a response to objections from other divine attributes, the theological implications of omnisubjectivity, and a discussion of the importance of intersubjectivity as a way of grasping the world as a whole.

A podcast interview on omnisubjectivity for The London Lyceum with Jordan Steffaniak and Brandon Ayscue will be released on Dec. 15, 2021.

An interview on divine foreknowledge and human free will with Taylor Cyr and Jordan Hampton is available on The Free Will Show at


Future lectures include the Donnellan Lectures at Trinity College, Dublin, in March 2022. The topic will be the two greatest ideas. There will be a conference on my work and the work of Ernest Sosa at Rutgers University in April, 2022. There will be a conference on my work in epistemology at OU in July 2022.

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