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Rusty Jones

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Rusty Jones

Headshot of Rusty Jones

(Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)
Associate Professor; Ancient Greek Philosophy

Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 629

I was a PhD student in the Philosophy Department from 2004-2010. After nine years of exile in the Northeast, I returned home in 2019 as Associate Professor of Philosophy and, beginning 2022, as chair of the department. My primary work is in classical Greek philosophy, especially in the ethics and epistemology of the fifth and fourth centuries BCE (with publications centered on the authors Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle). I have taught at all levels (freshmen to PhD dissertations), primarily in the philosophy departments but also in the classics departments, at both Oklahoma and Harvard. (You can keep up with some of my former PhD students here and here.)

Some recent work: 

2021. “Xenophon’s Socrates on Concern for Friends: Memorabilia 2.6.” Thaumazein 9, 233-242. (with Ravi Sharma)

2020. “Plato on Veritism and Value.” What the Ancients Offer to Contemporary Epistemology (eds Stephen Hetherington and Nicholas D. Smith), 41-55. Routledge.

2020. “Xenophon’s Socrates on Justice and Well-being: Memorabilia iv 2.” Ancient Philosophy 40, 19-40. (with Ravi Sharma)

2019. “Eristic Combat at Euthydemus 285e-286b.” Australasian Philosophical Review 3, 167-175. (with Ravi Sharma)

2019. “Xenophon’s Socrates on Harming Enemies.” Ancient Philosophy 39, 253-265. (with Ravi Sharma)

2019. “The Real Challenge of Plato’s Republic.” Dialogoi 1, 149-170.

2019. “Cooking Up the Good Life with Socrates: Philebus 59d-64c.” Plato’s Philebus: A Philosophical Discussion(Plato Dialogue Project) (eds Panos Dimas, Russell E. Jones, Gabriel Lear), 235-52. Oxford.

2019. “Plato’s Guide to Living with Your Body.” The History of the Philosophy of Mind: Pre-Socratics to Augustine(ed. John Sisko), 84-100. Routledge. (with Patricia Marechal)

2019. Plato’s Philebus: A Philosophical Discussion (Plato Dialogue Project). Oxford University Press. (edited with Panos Dimas and Gabriel Lear)

Some favorite older items:

2018. “Virtue and Self-interest in Xenophon’s Memorabilia 3.9.4-5.” Classical Quarterly 68, 79-90. (with Ravi Sharma)

2017. “The Wandering Hero of the Hippias Minor: Socrates on Virtue and Craft.” Classical Philology 112, 113-137. (with Ravi Sharma)

2013. “Felix Socrates?” Philosophia (Athens) 43, 77-98.

2013. “Wisdom and Happiness in Euthydemus 278-282.” Philosophers’ Imprint 13.14, 1-21.

2010. “Truth and Contradiction in Aristotle’s De Interpretatione 6-9.” Phronesis 55, 26-67.

Some work to anticipate:

“Xenophon.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Bloomsbury Companion to Socrates, 2nd ed. Bloomsbury Publishing. (edited with Ravi Sharma and Nicholas D. Smith)

“Xenophon’s Socrates on Teaching and Learning.” The Bloomsbury Companion to Socrates, 2nd ed. (eds Russell E. Jones, Ravi Sharma, and Nicholas D. Smith). Bloomsbury. (with Ravi Sharma)

“Aristotle on the Love of Friends.” Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Love.  Eds Christopher Grau and Aaron Smuts. Oxford. (with Neera Badhwar)


And a fuller list of what I’ve been up to can be found in my cv.