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2018 Wave Properties and Quantum Physics

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Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)


The purpose of this project is to provide instructional activities and equipment for Oklahoma high school teachers to introduce students to classical and quantum waves.  Several equipment sets will be positioned around the state at cooperating high schools.  Teachers will have the opportunity to checkout and use the equipment at their site while teaching this one to two week unit.  Teachers will pick up and return the equipment to the cooperating high schools.  Cooperating teachers will act as a home base for the equipment.  The location of the equipment will be determined by the areas in most demand and the willingness of a host teacher.  

The first unit will introduce students to classical waves through various activities.  Concepts include the basic characteristics of waves and types of wave interference.  In addition, there are extension activities dealing with the fabric of space time, gravity waves and interferometers.

The second unit will introduce students to quantized energy, the photoelectric effect, diffraction of waves around barriers and slits, quantized waves and particles and probability densities.  In addition, there are extension activities dealing with standing waves and light emission in hydrogen atoms. 

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All downloadable modules/units were created or compiled by teachers whose stipends were funded by grants from the National Science Foundation.