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Layout of Nielsen Hall

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Layout of Nielsen Hall


  • Room NH B70 has a poster printer that is being maintained by Prof. Lloyd Bumm/Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya. The main office has a key to the room.
  • Research labs.

First Floor:

Nielsen Floor 2
  • NH170: Neal F. Lane Auditorium: Big lecture hall.
  • NH100: Main Physics Office (Cindy Pack, Ashley Price, Prof. Phil Gutierrez).
  • NH100A: Stockroom. Home to the departmental main black and white printer named “copier”; the printer also serves as a scanner and copy machine.
  • NH119: Small seminar room.
  • NH103: Medium sized class room.
  • NH115: IT support (Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya).
  • NH131: Mailroom (postdocs, staff, faculty, and graduate students have access; the room can be accessed by the “D2” or “D” key). Home to the departmental black and white printer named “greyscale” and color printer named “spectrum”.
  • NH155C: Instrument Shop (Chad Cunningham).
  • NH155: Instrument Shop (Stephen Henderson, Alex Rybicki).
  • NH164: Student Shop.
  • NH117: Atrium.
  • NH150: Computer Lab II.

Second Floor

Nielsen Hall Floor 2
  • NH203: Medium sized class room.
  • NH219: Seminar room.
  • NH265: Computer Lab I. Home to black and white printer named “merrier” (predominantly for graduate students).
  • NH251: Medium-sized class room.
  • NH240: First-year graduate student office (sometimes referred to as the library).
  • NH270: Large lecture hall.

Third Floor

Nielsen Floor 3
  • NH302: Medium-sized class room.
  • NH303: undergraduate student lounge.
  • NH319: Seminar room.
  • NH357: Electronic Shop (Chad Cunningham).
  • NH365A: Meeting room (part of NH365).

Fourth Floor

  • Office space.