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OUNetID (4x4), OU email account, Sooner card, getting on payroll, office assignment and keys, travel card:

OUNetID and OU email

For students: Newly admitted students must log on to the University of Oklahoma’s official email system and online services with the four steps listed in the OUNetID account setup document [in short: Visit and click “New to OU? Set up your OU account.” You will need your Sooner ID number (included in your admission letter) to create your account. Once your account has been set up, you will see your OUNet ID (usually 4 letters and 4 numbers) and your OU email address.]

For faculty and staff, please follow the steps listed at OU IT's page for new faculty and staff.

Sooner card

The Sooner Card is the University of Oklahoma’s official identification card for students, postdocs, faculty and staff. The Sooner Card connects you to campus—granting you access to many buildings, campus restaurants, student services and so much more! Please visit Sooner Card for details. To get card access to Lin Hall, please talk to Cindy Pack ( in the front office (see map of Nielsen Hall for the location of the main office).

Getting on payroll

Currently, Cindy Pack ( is responsible for payroll in the P&A department.

International students are advised to apply for their social security number as soon as possible. OU provides additional information on the social security number application procedure.

Office assignment and keys

Offices in Nielsen Hall and Lin Hall are assigned by the P&A staff; currently this is done by Cindy Pack ( The office assignments for graduate students beyond their first year and postdocs is typically done in consultation with the sponsoring faculty member.

Travel card

University travel is managed through Concur. Graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty must have a travel card to get reimbursed. See for the application form for a travel card (it is advised that you request the travel card several months ahead of the conference registration and actual travel).

All purchases have to be made through Concur, with the Travel Card.

Ashley Price ( in the front office can help with questions regarding travel (how to make arrangements, how to get reimbursed, etc.); it is strongly advised that you ask about the rules prior to making arrangements.

Undergraduate student travel can be arranged using the faculty sponsor’s travel card; again, it is strongly advised that you check on the rules prior to making arrangements