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Melody Huckaby Rowlett

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Melody Huckaby Rowlett, Ph.D.


Image of Dr. Melody Huckaby Rowlett
Image of Dr. Melody Huckaby Rowlett

Office: 229 Dale Hall Tower


Research Fields: Representation/Legislatures, International Law, Local/State politics

Favorite Courses: American Federal Government, Urban Politics, and Politics of International Law

B.A., J.D., Ph.D., The University of Oklahoma

Dr. Huckaby Rowlett teaches in American Politics, to include American Federal Government, Voters & Campaigns, State Government, and Urban Government and Politics, along with Politics of International Law, Civil Rights & Liberties, and Environmental Politics and Policy. She received the University General Education Teaching Award for the year 2020-2021. Dr. Huckaby Rowlett has published an American Federal Government workbook and a digital text, Politics of International Law. She is currently completing a book on Electoral College with co-authors.