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Hank Jenkins-Smith

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Hank Jenkins-Smith, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (IPPRA)

Photo of Dr. Jenkins-Smith
Photo of Dr. Jenkins-Smith

Office: 2305 5 Partners Place


Research Fields: Risk & Public Policy; National Security Policy; Energy Policy; Survey Research Methods & Applications

Favorite Courses: Public Policy Methodology and Survey Research

B.A., Linfield College
M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester

Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (IPPRA) -

Hank Jenkins-Smith earned his PhD in political science from the University of Rochester (1985). He is a George Lynn Cross Research Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Oklahoma, and serves as a co-Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research & Analysis (IPPRA). Professor Jenkins-Smith has published books and articles on public policy processes, national security, weather, and energy and environmental policy. He has served on National Research Council Committees, as an elected member on the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, and as a member of the governing Council of the American Political Science Association. His current research focuses on theories of the public policy process, with particular emphasis on the management (and mismanagement) of controversial technical issues involving high risk perceptions on the part of the public. In 2012 he and collaborators initiated a series of studies focused on social responses to the risks posed by severe weather. This work continues with a panel survey of Oklahoma households, funded by the National Science Foundation, to track perceptions of and responses to changing weather patterns. In his spare time, Professor Jenkins-Smith engages in personal experiments in risk perception and management via skiing, scuba diving and motorcycling.