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Graduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

The University of Oklahoma has a number of graduate programs designed to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and passion to pursue meaningful careers in political science, public policy, government and public service. The Political Science Department houses three nationally recognized degree programs. 

Graduate Programs Brochure

Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

Our doctoral program, the only political science or public administration doctorate in the state of Oklahoma, is our most rigorous research-based academic program, designed to train students in a wide range of fields for placement in research and teaching careers throughout the United States and the world. This full-time program accepts students with and without a master’s degree and includes six fields of study: American politics, public administration, public policy, comparative politics, international relations and political theory, along with a minor in political methodology.

Master of Public Administration

For almost 50 years, we have had the privilege of awarding our Masters of Public Administration (MPA), the premier degree program for careers in the public and nonprofit sector. This program is designed for individuals who seek to build skills in management, policy analysis, nonprofit leadership and advocacy. Our program is designed for both working professionals and full-time students located in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman area, offering the most flexibility in course scheduling and career paths.

Master of Arts in Political Science

We also house a master’s degree in political science, a two-year, research-based program. Many M.A. students pursue this degree to enhance their knowledge base and skill set in teaching or with the expectation of going on to a doctoral program.

With such a diverse set of high-quality graduate programs, the University of Oklahoma is a great place for individuals who are looking for graduate programs in government and public service. We are proud to say that many of our alumni have gone on to fantastic careers, and we look forward to helping you pursue your goals as well. Boomer Sooner!

Feel free to contact our Graduate Programs Coordinator, Jeff Alexander at