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Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

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Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science | Ph.D.

The University of Oklahoma doctoral degree in political science is a full-time graduate program for students interested in building a strong theoretical foundation in the science of politics as well as advanced training in political methodology. Our faculty is comprised of award-winning teachers, researchers, and practitioners pursuing active research in a variety of political science fields. As one of the most academically diverse, well-established doctoral programs in the region, our one-on-one interaction between graduate students and faculty plays a significant role in the intellectual life of the department. We offer a range of field specializations with faculty strengths in American politics, public administration, public policy and political methodology. 

Our students work closely with faculty, co-authoring publications through collaborative research. Faculty regularly supervise individualized research courses, coordinate lecture series, and facilitate special topic forums focused on political science trends and research, as well as guiding students in the process of professional socialization, including financial support for paper presentations at national and regional conferences. We find many of our recent graduates complete the program within 4-6 years and obtain job placements as faculty, researchers, and administrators in academia, among other careers in the public and private sector.

Application Deadline for fall 2024 is February 1, 2024.

The Ph.D. in political science application is open and accepting applications for the fall 2024 admissions cycle.


Feel free to contact our Graduate Programs Coordinator, Jeff Alexander at