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Campaign Management

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Elections and Campaign Management Concentration

Political Science majors are required to complete 36 hours of political science courses, excluding
P SC 1113: American Federal Government (this course is a University requirement for all majors and does not confer major credit).

These 36 hours must include: 

  1. Four (4) courses chosen from at least four (4) of the six (6) fields in political science - See the Distribution Course List below:
    Group I: American Politics
    Group II: Comparative Politics
    Group III: International Relations
    Group IV: Public Administration
    Group V: Public Policy
    Group VI: Political Theory
  2. Students must succssfully complete 15 hours (five courses) in campaigns and voter behavior. The following specific requirements must be met:
    Group I: P SC 3483 Campaign Management
    Group II: P SC 3433 Voters and Campaigns
    Group III (three hours): P SC 3413, P SC 3423, P SC 3443, or P SC 3473
    Group IV (six hours): And of the courses listed above that are not taken to satisfy requirements, plus P SC 3910, P SC/COMM 4323, P SC 4420, COMM 3003, COMM 4253, COMM 4423, or COMM 4643
  3. Six (6) hours of P SC Electives
  4. P SC 4093 Capstone Seminar in Political Science (this course must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better)