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Public & Nonprofit Administration

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Public and Nonprofit Administration

The Public & Nonprofit Administration major for undergraduates is an interdisciplinary program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It is designed to provide graduates of the program with the necessary knowledge and skills for planning, implementing, and evaluating public programs. The Public & Nonprofit Administration program prepares the student for a career in modern public management. 

The major in Public & Nonprofit Administration consists of the following:

  1. Thirty-nine (39) hours of major credit–including thirty-three (33) hours in political science from the approved course list (see pdf below) and six (6) hours from upper-division economics, management, accounting, or statistics. 
  2. Economics 1113 Principles of Macro-Economics, and Economics 1123 Principles of Micro-Economics must also be completed. These courses do not confer major credit.