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Eugenia Fuenzalida

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Luz-Eugenia Fuenzalida

eugenia cox-fuenzalida


Phone: 405-325-7720

BNPC:    405-325-3197

Office: Dale Hall Tower 715

Website: Behavioral Neuroscience and Performance Center

         Center for Intelligence and National Security



Dr. Fuenzalida serves as the Director of the Behavioral Neuroscience and Performance Center (BNPC) and a Fellow of the Center for Intelligence and National Security. She is also a faculty member in the Cellular and Behavioral Neurobiology Graduate Program, and an Associate Professor of Psychology. Periodically, she also teaches courses in the Human Relations, Organizational Dynamics, and Liberal Studies Graduate Programs.

As a multi-disciplinary scholar, Fuenzalida's research combines the study of individual differences, cognition, stress/arousal, and human factors. Today her work focuses on the optimization of performance in safety-sensitive occupations. Specifically, she is interested in the identification of risk factors that degrade (e.g., cognitive or physical fatigue, sleep deprivation, sub-intoxication) or enhance (e.g., rest, caffeine consumption) performance. She also studies the behavioral aspects of personality traits (with biological or perceptual bases) and individuals differences and their mediating effects on performance in response to stress. Her research employs NIRs, EEG, & EKG technologies and emphasizes the use of computer-based task batteries for neurocognitive performance assessment. She has examined the etiology of performance errors in high-risk occupations, including law enforcement, SWAT, military, air traffic control, and the pharmaceutical industry. Fuenzalida has also worked collaboratively in the design and implementation of training protocols to both enhance and optimize performance in high-risk occupations.