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Certificates in Religious Studies

Regardless of your major, you can advance your goals by focusing your elective courses towards an undergraduate certificate.  An undergraduate certificate indicates completion of a set of courses that represent a specific area of knowledge.

Asian Religions Certificate

The certificate in Asian Religions provides formal recognition on the university transcript of students in any major who have developed specialized knowledge of Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, and/or Confucian traditions through a focused study across five courses (15 credit hours). Knowledge of Asian Religious traditions may prepare students for careers in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and business enterprises in or involving East and South Asian nations and communities. The certificate represents a student's knowledge of and ability across multiple cultural fields; it serves as a credential when applying for jobs or graduate programs in fields as diverse as business, medicine, and technology.  You can find the requirements for the Asian Religions certificate here.

Islamic Studies Certificate

The certificate in Islamic Studies gives formal recognition, recorded on the transcript, to students of any major who demonstrate a special interest in Islam by taking five relevant courses selected across a wide range of departments. It can help to prepare and credential students for careers in humanitarian, civil society, and intelligence work involving the Near East, Africa, or South and Southeast Asia; and it can help students to set themselves apart as they apply for jobs and graduate programs in fields like medicine, engineering, business, or law.  You can find the requirements for the Islamic Studies certificate here.

Fall 2024 Certificate-Qualifying Courses

CourseCourse DescriptionInstructor
RELS 2703 001Buddhist TraditionsG. Goble
RELS 2713 001Hindu TraditionsD. Moodie
RELS 3763 001Chinese ReligionsG. Goble
CourseCourse DescriptionInstructor
HIST 3113 001The CrusadesR. Magnusson
HSTM 3453 001Science and Civilization in IslamY. Mahdavi
IAS 3983 001Anti-Muslim RacismM. Hashemi
MLLL 3443 001Islamic Culture in the U.S.W. Mahdi
RELS 3543 001Islamic LawD. Vishanoff