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Undergraduate Program

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Religious Studies Undergraduate Program

Jennie Lazar in the Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences is the advisor for Religious Studies.  You can find her information here.  

Jennie is located in Ellison Hall, Room 124, and Religious Studies majors and minors are encouraged to utilize her as a resource. You can reach Jennie at and you can schedule an appointment with her on iAdvise.

Jill Hicks-Keeton, Ph.D. teaching students.

Our Curriculum

The study of religion at OU is not intended to promote or critique any particular religious faith, nor does it seek to encourage or discourage religious practice or expression. More broadly, by providing a greater understanding of religion in its pluralistic expressions the department will promote a more informed citizenry. The relationship of religion to other societal, cultural, and political activity means that the study of religion informs the understanding of all human activity. The Department of Religious Studies works closely with the university's International Programs office and the College of International and Area Studies to identify and/or coordinate study abroad experiences for our students.

The curriculum involves a two-pronged academic exploration of 1) different religious traditions (e.g., Native American, African, and other indigenous traditions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha'i, etc.); and 2) different approaches to the study of religion (historical, social, political, intellectual, philosophical, scientific, literary). This will prepare future journalists, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and business leaders to operate in the complex religious milieu of the coming decades. Within the Department, students complete RELS 1113 Introduction to Religious Studies, RELS 2653 Approaches to the Study of Religion (a course in theories and methods), and choose three religious traditions from three distinct cultures, as well as elective courses in religion and literature/the arts, religion, and social organization/politics, religion and history, and religion and philosophy. Travel abroad is also available to meet the requirements of the elective category. Students use their electives to craft a concentration or specialization in preparation for graduate or professional schools.  Specializations in either the major OR minor are available in Islamic Studies, Asian Studies, Judaic Studies, African and African-American Studies, Biblical Literature, or Christian Studies.  Students complete the Capstone course their senior year, to bring together the theories, research methods, and approaches the students have acquired through the student's course of study.