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BS Information Science & Technology

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Bachelor of Science in Information Science & Technology (BSIST)

The BSIST is a highly relevant educational experience that focuses on current and emerging workforce needs in the information industry. The degree prepares graduates to be innovative information and technology leaders who can solve current and evolving information science problems. Information Science as a discipline revolves around the interactions of people, technology, and information. 

The program objectives for the BSIST cover these concepts: core knowledge of the discipline, technical skills, application of skills to solve problems, general communication skills, communication with users/clients, analyzing an organization’s needs, and ability to think critically and analytically. These objectives and the curricular categories that support them were developed to educate graduates with the workplace skills to find and excel in tech jobs, and to become leaders in the field during the course of their career.

For official university information about this degree, follow this link to the course catalog information about the BSIST.