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MLIS Degree Requirements

The Master of Library and Information Studies requires a minimum of 36 hours of completed coursework. Additionally, the OU Graduate College requires students to complete an "end of program assessment." For the MLIS, students may choose one of two end of program assessment options:

  • completing an ePortfolio
  • completing a written thesis and oral defense


More information on the end of program assessments can be found on this page.

Most students complete the degree within two to three years of starting, although some students take less or more time to finish. The degree must be completed within five calendar years from the time of initial enrollment.

MLIS courses are letter graded except independent study courses such as internships which are graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Grade point verage (GPA) is calculated on a 4.0 scale. While in the program, students must maintain a GPA of 3.00 (B average). Students receiving a grade of D or F in any letter-graded LIS course will be removed from the program. Three grades of C will also result in termination from the program. Two grades of C may be applied toward the degree, but ONLY IN ELECTIVES. Students may only count required courses toward their degree requirements in which grades of A or B are earned. Additionally, any required course in which a student earns a grade of C must be repeated and a grade of A or B must be earned.

Required Courses (18 hours, 6 courses)

  • LIS 5033 Information and Society - taken in the first semester
  • LIS 5023 Management in Information Organizations (pre/corequisite: 5033)
  • LIS 5043 Organization of Information (pre/corequisite: 5033)
  • LIS 5053 Information Seeking and Use (pre/corequisite: 5033)
  • LIS 5063 Fundamentals of Information Technology (pre/corequisite: 5033)
  • LIS 5713 Research and Evaluation Methods (pre/corequisite: 5033) - generally taken near the end of the program

Electives (18 hours, 6 courses selected in consultation with advisor)

Elective courses and the course teaching rotation schedule can be found on the MLIS Courses page.

Official degree information can be accessed through the OU General Catalog


Your assigned faculty advisor is noted in your acceptance email to the program. You may keep this advisor for the duration of your degree program or you may choose a different faculty member. If you do not know who your advisor is, contact in the SLIS office.

By the end of your first semester you should have completed and submitted to your faculty advisor the program planning form (pdf).

  • There are a number of Areas of Concentration that might help you decide which electives will be most helpful for the career you plan to pursue. See the course groupings on the MLIS Courses page for ideas
  • The Documents Page has links to forms for transfer credits, independent study course information, and end of program assessment documents and information

School Librarian Certification Preparation

Students interesting in becoming school librarians have special requirements which are detailed on the following page: School Librarianship.

Additional Information for Students

Joining student and professional organizations can enrich students' time in the program and provide important professional connections

  • SLIS has two student organizations:
  •     OLISSA
  •     Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists
  • Students can join LIS professional organizations at a reduced rate, excellent for professional connections and resume building
  • Check out this page for more on LIS Associations and Organizations
  • At the university level, OU Student Life has a number of organizations, some for graduate students
Registration for Classes
  • To look up courses in the official OU system, see
  • Information about how to enroll yourself in classes can be found on this page

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