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Internships and Independent Study

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Internships and Independent Study

Internships (LIS 5823)

Employers often favor candidates with job experience. If you have never worked in the type of setting in which you want to specialize, you can enhance your knowledge and career possibilities with an internship. Many of our students already work in libraries or archives. If you are working in an LIS setting, you may wish to do an internship in a different type of setting to broaden your experience base.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, you will work with your advisor and the SLIS office to find a setting appropriate for your interests. Dr. Buffy Smith-Edwards is the SLIS Internship Documentation Coordinator and can also help you find a great internship. You will work with Dr. Smith-Edwards on the required internship paperwork.

Please follow this link to a detailed website about MLIS internships.

Independent Study

In addition to internships, SLIS offers a number of independent courses that you can take to build expertise in a specialty area or to get hands-on experience. Some general guidelines include:

  • You must have your advisor's approval to take an independent course. Usually your advisor will supervise the independent course, but with your advisor's permission a different faculty member could supervise if they are a better fit for the topic, or if they are available and agree to do so
  • Independent courses are generally expected to build on knowledge gained in previously completed coursework, and they cannot substitute for a regularly taught class on that topic
  • You must have completed 18 credit hours in the program to be eligible to take an independent course

Types of independent courses include:

  • Directed Research
  • Directed Project
  • Directed Reading