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Graduate Courses in Sociology

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameOffered
5283Fundamentals of Sociological StatisticsFall
5293Advanced Methods of Social ResearchSpring
5483Advanced Regression AnalysisSpring
5683Categorical, Panel, and Advanced Social StatisticsFall
5933Sociological Theory Fall
6903Issues in Sociological TheorySpring

Substantive Courses

Course NumberCourse Name 
5143Prog Eval & Applied Policy AnalysisFall  2024, 2026
5313Qualitative Research MethodsFall 2024
5383Social StratificationFall 2026
5523CriminologySpring 2025, 2026
5543Deviance and Social ControlSpring 2027
5623Race and EthnicitySpring 2025, 2027
5713Program Evaluation PracticumFall 2023, 2025
5723Sociology of the FamilySpring 2025, 2026
5733Sociology of GenderSpring 2024, 2027
5823Social DemographyFall 2023
5970Sociology of ReligionSpring 2024, 2027
6343Family and Crime 
6343Inequality and CrimeSpring 2024, 2026
6343Ecology and CrimeFall 2026
6353Family Issues: Family DemographyFall 2025
6353Family Issues: Life courseSpring 2024, Fall 2026
6373SexualitiesFall 2025

As Needed Substantive Courses

Course NumberCourse Name 
5313Mixed Methods 
5333Seminar in Criminal Justice
5713Program Evaluation Practicum 
5893Environmental Sociology 
5790Structural Equation ModelingSpring 2024
5970Sociology of Academic PublishingFall 2025
5943Inequality in a Global Perspective 
5796Social MovementsSpring 2025
6343Race and Criminal Justice 
6343Inequality and Crime 
6753Historical/Comparative Sociology 

* Cross-listed with an undergraduate course

Professionalization Seminar and Any Semester Courses

Course NumberCourse Name 
5790Special Sociological Issues[varies] 
5821Professionalization SeminarFall
5831Teaching SeminarSpring
Directed Readings
5980Research for Master's Thesis 
6980Research Doctoral Dissertation 
6990Special Studies in Sociology