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PhD Students on the Market

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PhD Students on the Market

We are proud to present our outstanding PhD candidates who are on the job market. Below we provide a brief introduction to these young scholars that includes contact information, a summary of their research interests, and links to their CV. Please feel free to contact any of our candidates to learn more about their research and teaching interests.

If you have questions about graduate student placement or our Ph.D. program more generally, please contact our Graduate Liaison Mitch Peck.

Josh Davis

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Joshua Davis’s research examines the interplay of race, nationalism and religion, and more specifically their effects on crime, racism and attitudes towards racism, and authoritarian punitiveness in the United States. He has published works on white Christian nationalism in Social Problems, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. The goal of this research agenda is to identify facets of American religiosity that are conciliatory or conducive to continued racial inequalities within the US, as well as those which contribute to the problems of mass incarceration and racial bias in policing. Moving forward, Joshua intends to focus on religious influences in criminal offending and recidivism. As with his prior research, he hopes to disentangle seemingly contradictory influences of religious life, and that his research will contribute to a less homogeneous understanding of “religion” within criminology, particularly at the intersection of race, social context, and religious life.

Research Interests: Crime and Delinquency, Punishment, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Political Sociology

Dissertation Title:
Religion and Crime Reconsidered: The roles of Race and Institutional Withdrawal.(Spring 2022 expected)

Dissertation Committee: Samuel Perry (Chair), Michael Crowson, Trina Hope, and Cyrus Schleifer.