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Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in International Studies

The University of Oklahoma is one of the few research universities in the United States that offers accredited graduate degrees in both Social Work and International Studies. The joint MSW-MAIS program seeks to prepare students for a globally integrated practice environment that addresses global social, political and economic justice issues, whether in the realm of international diplomacy, the international economy, humanitarian aid and economic development assistance, or international advocacy.

  • Students learn how to approach social, political and economic justice issues by combining an International Studies – Global Studies paradigm with the ecological framework of social work.
  • The program incorporates a specific focus on global studies with a specialization in global economics and development. This course of study equips students with the skills to improve economic and infrastructure needs of global communities and populations through evidence-based practices.
  • All students, however, must be admitted to the OU School of Social Work and the OU College of International Studies.

MSW-MAIS students can achieve the following outcomes:

  • Learn to apply and integrate the paradigms of International Studies and social work in order to address social, political and economic injustice issues among global communities and populations.
  • Develop critical thinking skills necessary for social work practice in a global context.
  • Maximize global social, political and economic development by combining social work macro practice skills with an informed international perspective focused on humanitarian aid, economic development assistance and international advocacy.
  • Augment their competencies in the areas of assessment of global issues, strategic global development planning, design and execution of macro interventions and evaluation.
  • Understand the organization of global social services in international development and civil rights, and the diverse career ladders within international social work.
  • Integrate international studies and social work in field education.
  • Network with other students and faculty interested in global development, civil rights development and international social work