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Advanced Integrative Curriculum

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Advanced Integrative Curriculum

The University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work is proud to offer a challenging and innovative curriculum that balances a broad skill base with the opportunity to specialize.

Client-Centered Direct Practice

Are you ready to change lives? Three of the biggest areas of concern for social work are the lasting effects of trauma, the crisis of substance abuse and the desperate need for high-quality mental health services. This course immerses ALL concentration students in the evidence-informed practices relating to these intersecting domains. Students will emerge with skills to apply the full range of practice with people struggling with complex problems, confidence in the prevention of suicide, diagnostic abilities, and a growing competence in clinical decision making. Our simulation labs will solidify the skills and knowledge gained through this challenging course.

SWK 5513: Client Centered Direct Practice (3 hrs.)

Advanced Macro Practice

Interested in understanding how to address larger problems impacting community and social systems? We want our graduates to make a BIG difference across many different levels of social work practice! This course takes ALL concentration students through advanced practice with and within community, organizational and social systems. Many students find themselves thrust into leadership and/or administrative roles in practice, along with being asked to collaborate with community groups and other institutions to assess, analyze and address larger community issues from a critical social justice perspective. Students will utilize the community and organizational change skills learned from this class to better contribute to promoting social good for the most vulnerable and marginalized Oklahomans.

SWK 5523 Macro Systems in Practice (3 hrs.)

Advanced Integrative Seminar

Critical thinking and complex decision making are the focus of this course that pulls the classroom and the practicum all together. Using the decision case method, consisting of multifaceted dilemmas of social work practice, students analyze core issues and recommend strategies of practice supported by evidence. The cases and content of the course includes direct practice with individuals, families and groups, advocacy, administration and community organizing.

SWK 5973: Integrative Seminar (3 hrs.)

Innovative Work in the Field

Practicum is a major part of the MSW experience. Students are guided in planning a practicum that is within their interests and inspires them to launch a meaningful career. Discussions with peers, interactions with faculty, and the close mentorship of a field instructor make the MSW practicum an experience that is never forgotten.

SWK 5816: Practicum III (6 hrs.)

SWK 5826: Practicum IV (6 hrs.)

Select Your Own Path

One of the exciting advancements in this new curricular plan is that students now get a greater opportunity for choice! A jump to 9 credit hours of elective allows more students to specialize, pursue Graduate Certificates or experience a wide range of course work.

SWK 5XXX: Selective (3hrs.)

SWK 5XXX: Selective (3hrs.)

SWK 5XXX: Selective (3hrs.)