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SBIRT Instructor Resources

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SBIRT Instructor Resources

This General powerpoint below has been used for training and can be downloaded and adapted to fit your training needs. On the first slide there is space for the presenter name and the last slide is a Contact Information section which can be adapted to reflect your information. Please feel free to use this powerpoint for trainings; it can be adjusted, as needed, to fit the allotted training time.

Below are different versions of the General powerpoint file specific to the programs in which they were used for a more profession-specific example of potential adaptions of the General version. The overall content is very similar from program to program; however, these are the presentations used as adapted by their presenters. Below medicine is a more specific specialty version used for pediatric students as an example of how to narrow presentations down. The same can be done by adding or removing content for BSN vs MSN powerpoints for Nursing or BSW vs MSW powerpoints for Social Work.

Medicine Pediatrics.pptx
Social Work.pptx