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Ruth Knee Institute for Transformative Scholarship

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Ruth Knee Institute for Transformative Scholarship

Our Mission

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Supporting the Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work in expanding the development and dissemination of scholarship to transform and empower individuals, families, and communities in Oklahoma and beyond.


Our Vision Statement

The Ruth Knee Institute for Transformative Scholarship aims to foster the development and application of social science as a mechanism to improve quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. To do this we cultivate resources and work to remove barriers, to support a multitude of Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work affiliated faculty, centers, and programs related to research and dissemination. The Institute is committed to developing creative intersectional solutions for the multifaceted social, interpersonal, structural, and organizational problems in its service to people, either directly or in proxy through its support of school related entities. Much in the spirit of our endowed namesake, the Institute is focused on forging new paths, particularly in spaces where traditional approaches have failed. We endeavor to collectively mechanize intellectual and social capitol to advance equity and develop sustainable solutions for our society’s most complex problems.  

Priority Research Clusters

The Ruth Knee Institute is committed to engagement in scholarship of issues that people encounter across the lifespan. This includes multiple areas of gerontological social work and positive aging as well as healthy child development and youth empowerment, among others. This work has been a mainstay of the Ruth Knee Institute since inception.

Some of the greatest protective factors in people’s lives come from their families and personal relationships. The Ruth Knee Institute is committed to purposeful research that addresses the epidemic(s) of family, domestic, and relational violence as well as the development of mechanisms to support healthy relationship development and personal power.

The Ruth Knee Institute supports the incorporation of creative activity in social work practice and education. From the use of art in clinical settings, to creative and artistic research methodologies, to the infusion of the arts and creative activity in the classroom, this cluster is broadly defined. Work in this area is centered on expanding knowledge related to connections between creative activity and personal and professional development. 

Ruth Knee Institute for Transformative Scholarship 

Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work
700 Elm Ave.
Room 220, Zarrow Hall
Norman, OK 73069

Christina Miller, Coordinator