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Travel and Research Support

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Travel & Research Suppport

The University has a variety of ways to support educational opportunities for students.

Graduate College
Robberson Travel and Research Grants - this grant provides assistance to outstanding students early in the process of a project that will end in a significant creative outcome or research presentation. 

International Travel Scholarship - this is a matching fund aimed at helping students participate in prestigious international events. 

Eddie Carol Smith Scholarship - this is a one year award given to a graduate student at the end of their program whose work opens or significantly expands a new content area. 

Mary Alice Robertson Award - students seeking this award should have a desire to enhance, preserve, and study the contributions made by women to the culture and progress of Oklahoma. 

OU-Tulsa Graduate College
The Tulsa Graduate College provides grants to up to $500 to provide financial assistance to academically outstanding students who are presenting research information that is leading towards a significant product of creative activity. Typically, these creative activities include dissertation or thesis research, articles for publication, or national performances/exhibitions.

College of Arts and Sciences
Travel Assistance Program (TAP) - The College of Arts and Sciences helps support Norman & Tulsa student travel up to $750 to present and $500 to attend conferences (per fiscal year) with highest priory given for presentations at research conferences. There is a requirement for matching funds for half the total estimated cost. 

Student Government
Graduate Student Senate Research and Conference Grants - Accepted twice a year, these grants are supplementary and are awarded as a reimbursement.

OU-Tulsa Student Association Funding (pdf) - Students on the OU-Tulsa campus have available to them $250 to support individual professional development activities such as conferences or workshops. This is the total amount available to a student in a year and is sought on a reimbursement basis through the student government. You must fill out this form (pdf) and then submit it to your MSWSA representative.